A Green Way To Feed Our Pets Including Natural Raw Pet Food & A Treat

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2 New Options for Natural Raw Pet Food & Treat

Jiminy’s Cricket Protein Dog Treats and Darwin’s Natural Raw Pet Products Are 2 Great Choices

Looking for new options for Natural Pet Food and Treats? We have 2 new options for a better green way to feed pets and give pet treats. Going green and natural for pet food and treats is best. Both of these new Natural Raw Pet Food products offer natural and organic ingredients. So let’s learn about each:

Green Pet Food - Natural Raw Pet Food & A Green Pet Treat

Natural Raw Pet Products Delivered to You

Darwin’s Natural Raw Pet Products Offer High Quality Pet Food

Do you want the highest quality raw dog and cat food for your pet? Darwin’s Natural Raw Pet Products not only offers this but delivers to your door. Each delivery offers 100% natural free-range meats and organic vegetables. The raw meals are nutritionally complete and balanced.

natural raw pet food

Meals are developed with the guidance of veterinarian and animal nutritionists. So the end result is high quality natural raw dog food and cat food.

Darwin’s raw meals offers your pet:

  • better digestion
  • healthier skin
  • stronger immune system
  • longer life span
  • fewer vet visits

Meals will arrive frozen. And you simply thaw them and give to pets. What could be easier? To find out more…just click below:

Green Dog Treats That Help the Environment!

New! Jiminy’s Cricket Protein Dog Treats

Jiminy’s Cricket Protein Dog Treats are a great idea for your dog and the environment. At first your dog eating a bug may sound terrible. But read on…this really makes sense and good to do. The bottomline cricket protein is a superfood. Dogs love the taste as the treats come in different flavors. And it’s a very healthy superfood for them.

These green dog treats are pre-biotic, hypoallegenic, and made in the US. And best of all the Jiminy’s Cricket Protein Dog Treats are green. These green dog treats are better for the enviroment than treats made from cows or chickens. It uses up less natural resources like land and water. So why not try some new green dog treats…

Jiminy’s Cricket Protein Dog Treats come in 4 flavors. These include:

  • original recipe (pumpkin treat)
  • sweet potato & apple
  • peas & sweet potato
  • peanut butter & blueberry

There’s bundles for any budget too. You can try a sampler pack to see what your dog thinks of it. Most dogs like the yummy crickets! To find out more…just click below:

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