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Dog Mental Illness – Can Dogs Have Mental Illness? As I wondered if Xena had Adrenal Fatigue (and I’m sure now she did as noted on this page with info about dogs having Adrenal Fatigue) I also wondered if dogs can have Mental Illness and how many human Mental Illness types and conditions they can have… Dog can have anxiety, depression, PTSD, compulsive and aggressive behaviors. Here’s some interesting informative links:

16 Signs Your Dog Has A Mental Health Illness

Psychological disorders – How to identify and treat common psychological problems in your dog

Introduction to Canine Mental Health

Can Animals Be Mentally Ill?

Crazy Dogs: Can Dogs Be Mentally Ill?

But can dogs (or cats) have other more serious Mental Illness like dog schizophrenia? This doctor thinks the answer is No:

Why Dogs Aren’t Schizophrenic

Here’s some who think the answer is Yes:

Schizophrenia in dogs – Sudden changes of behaviour

schizophrenia in dogs. My Vet and I are pretty sure my dog

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I think Xena had Dog Anxiety, a form of Dog Mental Illness, caused by Dog Adrenal Fatigue…Xena was on this Pet CBD Product below for Anxiety early in 2016 and it worked great. Click on the link to find out more and get 20% off! Here’s the video of her above showing her before and after:

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