Pet Wellness Tests You Can Do Yourself For Your Pets

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In The Spotlight: New Low Cost Pet Wellness Tests

These 2 Dog & Cat Wellness Tests on Amazon are affordable. They test dog urine for kidney issues, diabetes, UTI…:

Pet Fecal Worm Test to do at Home

My vet charges $49 to do a pet fecal sample test for worms. So I just bought this one on Amazon for Sweetie. Click for more info:

Did you know there’s some Wellness Tests you can do yourself for your pets? So no expensive vet bill! Some Wellness Tests are overall wellness tests. Some test for dog breed below and provide health info too! Maybe your dog hates going to the vet. So this would be a good reason to test at home too. But there’s many other types of Pet Wellness Tests including those that test for:

  • Parvovirus/Coronavirus
  • Kidney, Diabetes
  • Cat Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Dog Genetic DNA Disease & Trait
  • worms
  • Lyme Disease
  • Feline Leukemia(FeLV)
  • heartworms
  • and more

There’s even a product where you can even safely release a tick. And then submit it for testing for disease. Here’s some options for dog and cat wellness tests to consider:

I found some pet tests for various things including some on Amazon. To find out more just click below for Pet wellness test that test urine, blood and more…:

Dog Breed Test Kits That Also Test Health Of Your Pooch

Do you have a dog and unsure what breed or mixture of breed the dog is? Or does the dog have any wolf or coyote mixed in? Here’s some Dog Breed Test Kits to help identify the breed of the dog. Plus some can alert you to health issues.

The one in the spotlight tests for more than 150 health conditions.

In The Spotlight: An Affordable Dog Breed Test and Tests For Pet Wellness Issues Too

Wisdom Panel Health Canine DNA Test - Dog DNA Test Kit for Breed, Ancestry and Genetic Health Information
More DIY Cat and Dog Wellness Tests

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