Sometimes Dog Tested Positive For Lyme Disease No Doxycycline

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Sweetie the Chihuahua Tested Positive for Lyme Disease

What Test I Did To Show She Did Not Need To Be On Doxy…

I took Sweetie my Chihuahua last year to a pet shot clinic for shots and checkup. The vet checked her over and said she looks healthy. She checked Sweetie’s teeth over well and said they look great. This was after a severe tartar problem that was remedied by a natural pet remedy for pet tartar and plaque. So a positive checkup. I had the test done for heartworm and lyme. I expected no issues there. But wrong!! When I got the results I initially freaked out. And what happened immediately after was even stranger…

Sweetie had a tick on her that bit her but a real strange thing… The tick was dead and I do not use anything else but natural flea & tick remedies that mainly repel fleas and ticks. So how could it be dead?

Dog tested positive for Lyme Disease does not need Doxy

The Natural Flea & Tick Remedies I Use

First of all when I take her outside in the yard I use a natural product that kills fleas and ticks and then I check her over when I get inside home as well. When I take her for walks to places where there are a few ticks here and there but not many (knock on wood!) I put a homemade dog flea collar with essential-oils on her neck. I based my homemade dog flea collar on this advice in the link below:

Homemade Dog Flea Collar with Essential Oils

She also always wears an amber flea and tick collar. So how can the tick be dead? I think one of the natural products that kills fleas and ticks did its job and killed the tick. I would soon have my answer to that and more…

Sweetie Did Not Need Doxy So Beware Some Vets Will Say Doxy No Matter What!!

Sweetie’s heartworm/lyme test came back positive for Lyme Disease. But she is very active and shows no signs of illness. Plus she was rarely exposed to ticks after I got her. And she wore the Homemade Dog Flea Collar when she did go for walks where there could be ticks. Her regular vet said she needed to be put on Doxy.

My past dogs suffered greatly on Doxy. Doxy upsets their stomachs no matter what. Plus Sweetie was put on Doxy in the past for a brief time and was sick from it. I was afraid what would happen if put on it on for 30 days. So I read the pages of her results and it said this:

A diagnostic test result from your pet has come back positive for exposure to Lyme disease. A positive test result means that your pet has been exposed to an infected tick at some point in their life. Due to the sensitivity of our test, a positive result may not mean that your pet is sick. If you notice any clinical symptoms of illness, please follow up with your full service veterinarian as additional treatment may be needed to keep your pet healthy. Common symptoms of a tick-borne disease include Joint pain, fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea, muscle aches and neurological signs.

The Lyme C6 Titer Blood Test Results

I asked the vet about the test results paragraph and he still said Doxy is a must. So I took Sweetie to a different vet who recommended a different test that would determine if she should be treated for Lyme Disease. This test is a Lyme C6 titer blood test. I suggested a urine test for lyme protein to see if treatment is necessary. But the vet said this Lyme C6 titer blood test is more accurate.

Sweetie tested negative for all the tick borne diseases except for Lyme disease but the Lyme C6 titer is less than 10. So no treatment was needed! So both tests were right. Just because Sweetie was exposed to a tick with Lyme this did not mean she needed Doxy. Unfortunately a lot of vets put dogs on Doxy when not necessary. So if you run into this situation always get a second opinion or even a third. Doxy is not a gentle medication for anyone. I have never seen a dog do well on Doxy… Being exposed to Lyme Disease tick is not the same as having Lyme Disease. And the reason the tick was dead.. The natural flea and tick solution worked well.

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