The Fur Knots From Hell! – Cat Fur Knot Removal And Oily Cat Fur

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Update: Best Cat Fur Knot Removal Solution

The Cat Fur Knot Removal Option For Honey Without Groomer!

As Honey’s fur knots were extremely bad my final solution on this page was to have a groomer shave Honey. In April 2020 she had to go to groomers again. But with the Coronavirus happening in the US the groomer was closed indefinitely. I wondered if I could do the shaving myself. And the answer is yes! I found this shaver on Amazon. And it is a great choice for dealing with fur knots. It’s very easy to use and a low cost solution. No more trips to the groomers. Honey stays still for it. She doesn’t mind it at all. And it is low noise so that’s good for pets.

Cat Fur Knot Removal For Bad Cat Fur Knots

The Cat Fur Knot Removal Options I Tried For Honey

I got Honey as a 8 week old kitten. Honey had very nice fur for about a year. But suddenly had the cat fur knots from hell! I could see they were annoying her at times. I noticed she had oily cat fur on her back too. I felt bad. There had to be a good solution. So I researched for one. I first tried combing/brushing with comb below. That did not help. It would annoy her even more.

The cat fur knots were extremely bad. However this comb on Amazon is a great choice to prevent fur knots. I keep it for future Cat Fur Knot Removal. Once the issue is fixed regular combing will be a must!

Honey with cat fur knots from hell
Honey with cat fur knots from hell

I next tried cutting them at the very ends. This generally is not the best thing to do. It can cause injury. However cutting the ends can work. And it’s better than cutting close to the skin.

But Honey would lay motionless and let me do… She seemed to understand I was trying to help. When she made a movement I stopped. Unless you know your cat very well I would not recommend this option at all. This helped for some knots but not all. The problem was the fur knots kept coming back. So I gave up on that option. It works but the problem comes back.

At this point I wondered about the cause. Many things cause cat fur knots. I was concerned about illness. But she was active and healthy otherwise.

Next I tried a Cat Conditioning Spray. This may have help a bit but still more cat fur knots. It may work for some cases. And it’s worth trying. Here’s the one I got on Amazon:

The Final Low Cost Cat Fur Knot Removal

I realized this was a bad Cat Fur Knot Removal case. I reluctantly contacted a groomer. They gave a price of $68 to start. I found found this price high and looked for more options. Some groomers would not even groom cats! Then I remembered my vet did grooming. I expected a $70 walk in the door fee on top of the grooming fee. But this was not the case. They shaved all her bad areas. The final cost was only $18! So while vets generally charge a lot this is one case where this may not be true.

So if you have a bad cat fur knot case consider vets to take care of issue. Some vets may have similar cost to the $18 I spent. They have the experience as groomers to remove knots safely and quickly. I would have gone that route first if known. Honey was in the room with groomers for only 10-15 minutes. They only shaved where needed. You can see the end result in her photo. She still looks beautiful!

Honey with cat fur knots from hell solved

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